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14 July 2009 @ 09:02 pm
Broken A/C - Week 3  
So our air conditioner is broken.  It's been broken for three weeks.  It's the height of summer right now, and despite being partially functional, the store is still a nasty, stale, 80 degrees.  Gamer funk is on the rise, and there's only so much Lysol or Febreeze that can be sprayed without giving everyone a headache.

The Lamb?  The Cajun?  Unhelpful.  They claim to have handed off the problem to the Uber-Manager and their Evil Assistants...but when I contacted one of the Evil Assistants, they were under the impression that our A/C was fully functional.  I sense that the Lamb has decided that since he's adjusted to our 80 degree bake, that everything is okay and nothing should be done...he also doesn't work in the evenings, when the temperature begins to ramp up and up and up.  When I asked him, his only reply was, 'well, it's better than it was...' to which I say, 'it's still 80 degrees in the store.'

Geeks like their A/C.  I've noticed that there are less people in the store since they begin to fail...ergo...it doesn't matter if he's comfortable.  The store is still hot, and the geeks aren't sticking around and doing business.  So in my usual fashion, I've decided that the best way to get something done is to bitch.  Loudly.  I know he hates me for it, but because he cannot be relied on to get this done, it forces me to commune with the Uber-Manager and potentially our Robot Overlords to get this fixed.